A Series of Pictures

Just another normal at-home afternoon in Emma language.

Maaahh-ME! Out. OUT... ide? Ide? YES Mommy YES!
Booh-DEE YuhYuh! Tash!
(Translate "Mommy I want to go outside. Say yes!
Bodie, Sylvia, and Stash)


Hi Bodie!

Oh fun - I can haul a lemon in my wagon (notice Bodie)

NO Bodie - NO yimum!

High shriek while flapping arms "NNOOOOOOO BoooDEE!NO! Nice!Nice!"

: ( 

mommy :( ?

"MINE Bodie! Memma's!"

Ahahahaha! MEMMA'S!

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  1. Memma! How cute. Marisa seen this pictures and said Memma. (She say's it just like Emma) And then she says Dodo (dog) over and over.