Bowmans at the Coast

For Christmas this year, we gave Dad & Mom Bowman a trip to the beach with the whole fam. So we all loaded up in our limo (a.k.a the motorhome) and set off for a day of fun. We left the thick fog of the valley and headed over to the clear blue of the coast.

Pa-Pa and Meggie are waaay down there!

this child has no fear of the ocean. It's a bit frightening.

the pants and skirt didn't last long

nothing better than toes in the sand

On to the tide pools...

Emma loved to see and touch the sea creatures
(guess she takes after her daddy)

Clinton found a beautiful pink starfish for Emma to see

so fun to get squirted by the sea anemones

Bee-yooooo-ti-ful! I never get tired of seeing these gorgeous things... and I have to take pictures of the purple sea urchins every time we go. And the orange starfish. And the anemones. They are all so wonderful. Some of my favorites I'm making extra large to see the detail. God must have so enjoyed Creation week.

lots of crabs feeding on a dead fish. Yuck.

there is an abalone hiding in there - see it?

all tuckered out ~ happy to snuggle with Aunti

not sure if this crazy Megan loves
her Uncle Stephen or his hat more!

these children are so blessed to have such fun grandparents...

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  1. O my word, YES, they are blessed... Art & Annette... THE BEST!