simply wonderful summer days...

ahhh these late summer days... I'm not quite ready for them to end but a bit ready for the busyness to slow down. This has been such a fun summer - this first full summer as a mommy! So fun to try and see things through a child's eyes - what is fun actually is what is most simple~ like playing with the hose in the yard and spending time with family and friends...
Thank you Lord for the wonderful simple things of life!

-----Some scenes of our summer in no particular order-----

the reason it takes me so long to vacuum - she thinks it is for rides ;)



oh how she loves this dog... he plays so nice with her and she climbs all over him


Beach day 2

...and the second beach day was in San Diego with our dear friend Stacy, Auntie Gina, Alex, Andrew, and Megan!
Emma loooooves the beach!


***Summer Beach Days***

This summer we have had two very fun days at the beach. Emma loves the water and the sand!

The first time we went with girlfriends to Sunset Beach ~~~
Little girl....... BIG ocean
Lydia+Emma+Marisa=Beach Buddies

Nothing like a nap on the beach...
Yummy sand dollars kept washing up on the beach! A little ingested sand never hurt anybody, right?