BusyBeautiful July (part 2)

and the rest of the month... such a blur of happy times and exhaustion! 

thinks she BIG stuff and so funny on Daddy's shoulders
Mid-month getaway to the coolness of Carmel for time with treasured
friends! It is always a treat to spend time at the Cottage...

oh these two...  Grady is her friend who actually
understands her quirks and silliness --- only then they feed off
each other and it just gets crazy! Grady teaches Emma about outer
space and rockets and she tells him all about Cinderella and castles ;)

too cute for his own good!

Double stroller? Bah! Who needs one of those? poor Emma only weighs
about  7 lbs. more than her "little" sister.

Oh so thrilled to have a girlfriend down the road! beautiful little Julia Valerie <3

first taste of watermelon ~ it was a hit!

Who needs a sandbox when you have a compost pile? This fun time took a
laundry sink bath and a real one to get the black off. Ew. All in good fun!

A fabulously gorgeous wedding and reception for Taylor and Audrey! Wow wow  wow!
of course the patio and gazebo are the handiwork of U.Del.

Mr.&Mrs. Taylor Kinzie :) at last!

***Summertime family birthday pool party at Caleb and Kim's ***

Gma's girl

Leila is loooovin the water w/ Rocklin


and in all the other July happenings we had our very special Bowman girl tea party, my dear friend Aimee's baby shower, and Emma's 3rd birthday party! But we are off to camp at the coast, so they will have to wait!


Busy Beautiful July (part 1)-lotsofpictures

Every year it happens... summer is sailing along and we hit July. It (literally) starts with a bang of fireworks and we're off and running! I love summer - a time to cram in as much fun, friends, and family time mixed with just enough relaxing mornings spent outside watering with coffee cup in hand and afternoons by the pool. Oh it goes too fast! I can't remember all we have done this past month, so I'll just remember through pictures :)

Ha! the real deal when they aren't posing!

Fun times with Kinzie family and friends over Darin and Anna's reception and while her parents were visiting from Australia!

such a fun evening at U.Del &A.Cheryl's

soooo great to have them back here!


the most perfect, beautiful centerpieces

lovely setting for the reception

and charming swing at the Gallo's

the Mr. and Mrs.

miss you Heather - I think PapaJohn's missing your girls too.

more together time at Mom&Dad's.
Yum! We all need diets after so many evenings with such great food.

and... hello reality. We want a yard!
whoo hoo for nephews to help spread compost!

More to come...