Elaine's Baby(s) Shower

How very special to take part in throwing a celebration for ***3*** babies on the way! I'm pretty sure this opportunity won't happen again (but then again I never imagined my big bro would be daddy to triplets either!) We had fun making all kinds of sweet treats and imagining Clark and Elaine with their very own 3 little monkeys. Praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy for Elaine and that Clark returns home very soon!

proud Grandmas :)

How lucky for us to go from 2 sisters to...

4 sisters! and they give us nephews/neice 3 at a time!

That's a lot of excited aunties!

How cute is this little Sweet Pea Pod containing 1 of 2 twin boys?

I'm sure Elaine's getting lots of advice from this circle of pros

The very best gift box is always from Grandma Brubaker ~
full of special hand-knit blankets, booties, hats, and sweaters.
She's really getting a workout, as she is the great-Grandma of 2 sets of twins
and now triplets too!

Little Miss and her sweet friend Marisa... pretty sure they helped themselves
to several cookies and cake pops all evening. No worries - they ran it all off :)

3 little monkeys swinging all around... just a little insight into a few years from now at the Brubaker household ;)
Oh what fun it will be to see!


While our carpentry skills are pretty much nill... we can prime beams and v-boards. and prime...and prime... and prime... All the while reminding ourselves that when it comes time to paint, we will be so happy that we did this before they went up! I will probably be posting lots of "new house" stuff from now on, as that is what most of our spare time is spent doing, and I want to remember this process :) It is so fun to feel like we are actually DOING something hands-on! It's getting more and more exciting - electric, plumbing, heating and air are pretty much done; roof and windows within the next few weeks and then on to the really fun decisions!


Cake Pops

Today I made cake pops --- with the help of my talented and creative friends :) In celebration of a very special baby shower for my sis-in-law who is so beautifully carrying my triplet nephews and niece, I thought I should give these cake pops a try! They really were so much fun to make. Not hard if directions are followed properly; although I do think it's a 2 or 3 person job. The possibilities are endless with these little cuties and I will definitely be making them again!


***Our 4th of July***

We had a super fun, full-of-laughs fourth of July. Smack dab in the middle of a busy summer, it is a special treat just to relax and enjoy friends... and like many holidays, makes me realize how time goes by so quickly as I think about Independence Days gone by.
Emma and Monica (our hostess with the mostest!)

Miss Marisa LOVES the fireworks :)

hmmm why did I not think of this before?

sticking pretty close to Daddy and Dan while the fireworks were going

Bowman girls :)