Her Monkey

Lately Emma has been loving this monkey. Her favorite thing to play with her monkey is.... monkeys jumping on the bed. What a surprise.
Can't imagine how much more laughter is in my days now compared with before we had her :)
Thank you Jesus!
Zump Moekee Zump bed!

Bonk head OWWeeee! Memma kiss kiss.
Docker NO NO moekee bed!


House Progress {YAY!}

Thursday morning

Thursday evening


Awhile back I decided I wanted to create a special shirt for the very special little girls in my life. They all have a unique-to-herself personality so it wasn't hard to think of ideas just for them. Nothing fancy or complicated ~ just fun! Makes me feel a little like an old woman while I sit and stitch in the evenings with my cup of hot tea...

Averi Claire

Emma Faye

Rocklin Rose

and I'm in process for Miss Megan Anne :)

Oh yes this one also - for babygirl King - a sweet pink elephant on a tiny onesie.