She loves her Megan

so much that she sings what she calls "The Megan Song" quite frequently.

(Go to the bottom of the page and pause the music before starting the video. And turn up the volume - it's a little hard to hear with the road noise.)



Half Moon Bay

Such fun memories we made!
For now, it's no big deal to be confined to the trailer for most of the weekend due to a nasty wind/rain storm.
For now, Emma thinks it is great fun to sleep in Grandma's trailer and play with the same few toys and read the same few books for three days straight.
For now, Leila goes right to sleep even though she is on the floor in the corner as long as she has her blankies.
For now, (and probably always), Clinton and I don't mind making another pot of coffee and settling in the recliners to read our books aaall afternoon....
Because our girls are still little, still have no concept of personal space or boredom, and still like hanging out with us!
Older people say these are the days --- and I think I agree.

raining? no problem!

she LOVES Gma's trailer, but wasn't too sure about it with no Gma in it.

Extreme BBQing

every time I opened up the top this is what I'd see :)

got to play on the beach for a little bit

Hey this works out pretty good!

love our girls

snug little bed in the corner

bet he'd never played paper dolls before ;)

 that's more daddy's style of game

waiting on dinner!

is there something on my face?

heading home!


I Can't Convince Her...

that her glasses are on wrong.

She always wears them like this!

Let's just hope she doesn't need real glasses for a long time...



After trying for the perfect blossom pictures, I decided phooey on perfect pictures when I can enjoy the moment. Trying to get a squirmy 2 1/2 year old to not faceplant her baby sister in the dirt while both give me the perfect smile is just not going to happen! I called it good with these so we could just walk through the blossoms and smell their glorious scent - oh how I wish I could bottle it up...