Elaine's Baby(s) Shower

How very special to take part in throwing a celebration for ***3*** babies on the way! I'm pretty sure this opportunity won't happen again (but then again I never imagined my big bro would be daddy to triplets either!) We had fun making all kinds of sweet treats and imagining Clark and Elaine with their very own 3 little monkeys. Praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy for Elaine and that Clark returns home very soon!

proud Grandmas :)

How lucky for us to go from 2 sisters to...

4 sisters! and they give us nephews/neice 3 at a time!

That's a lot of excited aunties!

How cute is this little Sweet Pea Pod containing 1 of 2 twin boys?

I'm sure Elaine's getting lots of advice from this circle of pros

The very best gift box is always from Grandma Brubaker ~
full of special hand-knit blankets, booties, hats, and sweaters.
She's really getting a workout, as she is the great-Grandma of 2 sets of twins
and now triplets too!

Little Miss and her sweet friend Marisa... pretty sure they helped themselves
to several cookies and cake pops all evening. No worries - they ran it all off :)

3 little monkeys swinging all around... just a little insight into a few years from now at the Brubaker household ;)
Oh what fun it will be to see!


  1. how exciting!!!! the more the merrier! :)

  2. how exciting!
    triplets so ARE fun! (:
    can't wait to see pictures of the babies!