Our God is Greater!

The words of praise in this song have been resonating in my heart today as we heard "She's doing great!" from the surgeon at Emma's follow-up appointment.

and I love that she's twirling and dancing
with the renewed energy her Creator gave her

Even as I am praising for the healing we've seen
since Emma's surgery one week ago,
I am praying
for little Benton and his family as they wait,
trusting in our God who is Healer, awesome in power...

A very wise friend told me that the times of calm in our lives should be used
for strengthening, exercising, and building our faith,
because if we are not in a battle...
it's coming.
And we will need all the faith we can get to make it through.
Faith is there - ready -
God will pour it out when we ask in our time of need.
How great is our God.


  1. Our GOD IS..... INDEED... ALL WE NEED

    love this song..
    and love these pictures of miss Emma soooo Glad she is on the mend.

    we too are on our knees for little Benton....
    On our knees ..its where he wants us all the time ..right Love you my dear friend

  2. Love this post! And love the song too!