My brother Clark and his new wife Elaine moved to Fort Carson in Colorado Springs a few weeks after they were married in November. A short time after they were there, Clark found out he was to be deployed to Afghanistan in April. So my mom and Aunt Coreen made plans to go see them for a quick weekend... and I decided that Emma and I would go and surprise Clark! Elaine helped us pull it off and it was a huge success! We shocked his socks right off :) We packed lots of fun into a very short time... Friday night we went to an authentic German restaurant to relive Clark's time last year in Heidelberg, Saturday we explored the Garden of the gods, toured Focus on the Family, and saw some of the places Clark and Elaine go during their daily lives. We spent the rest of the time relaxing at their house, playing with sweet puppy Iggy, and just enjoyed spending time with them! Thanks for the special time, Clark and Elaine; and taking us in when we just show up at your doorstep!

"helping" pack on Thursday

so much activity to watch at the airport


Iggy made Emma feel right at home :)

the really neat German place
Garden of the gods

Focus on the Family toddler room - she loved the boat

food is always better with friends, yes?

ready to head home :(
So exciting for Emma to ride a bus, train, and airplane all in one day!


  1. Bless your heart Clinton & Kelly for blessing your dear brother by coming to support and love him! What a blessing F*A*M*I*L*Y is!

  2. How fun Kelley!! Emma will be talking about the trains, planes & busses for days to come! ;)

  3. Aw, I love Colorado! How special that you were able to visit before your brother left (leaves?). Anyway, offering up a special prayer right now for his safty and for Elaine and all the extra duties and emotions she must have. Thankful that God is so worthy of our trust!