A Foundation at Last

After waiting and waiting for the rain to stop long enough to pour the foundation... it is done! It was an exciting morning at our house to watch the crew get in their places as the cement trucks drove in. Even though it's just a concrete slab, it's enough for us to walk around and picture where the walls will be, where I will stand at the kitchen sink, where Clinton will walk in from work, where little feet will run down the stairs...

So fun to have family join the party...
of course Gina brought the donuts!

Here comes the first truck!

this piece is attached to the big crane thing and spits the
concrete out

The bosses
My poor Bodie who everyone was ready to shoot by the
end of the day because he howled aaalllll day long
All done! This is taken from the garage entrance... not sure why
I didn't get one from the front of the house. The front is to the left.


  1. WOO-HOO!!! I know the excitement! ;) The fun is just begun!!

  2. HIP HIP HOORAAAAY....sounds so exciting to dream up the new digs :) Have a great time and keep us poted...we love pics and ramblings here in the wild wild...EAST!