Framing Progress!

Exciting things are happening at our house ~ something new and different every day!

From the first wall...

to the in between...

Right in the front door

Dad to the rescue to help lift the wall up!

One of these requested Taylor out of the picture to show the old guys still got it
hmmm... which one would that be?

Planning the next step... don't want to make them stop and pose :)

Lots of shavings and sawdust at the end of the day is a very good thing! Emma is loving all the action around our house lately. "Uh Debuh and Taydleder" are pretty much the coolest people in her book - and she runs to the door first thing every morning to shout her hellos and g'mornings. Anything we eat or drink throughout the day she thinks we need to take to them too... (she must think they look hungry?) They are such good sports to humor her.
She manages to get a new scrape or bruise pretty much every day climbing around in the "noo ouse".
 Never a dull moment (or quiet) with my girl!

On to the second story and garage next week!

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