This Grandma

We are so blessed to have Grandmas in our lives...
Clinton and I are so very thankful for the 3 grandmas we have ~
Grandma Brubaker, Grandma Kinzie, and Grandma Bowman.
That means that Emma has 3 grandma-greats!
and she loves them all... but it just so happens that one of them lives a hop, skip,and jump away from us right down the road.
This grandma is fun, spunky, and probably more energetic than myself (even though I'm only about 50 yrs. younger.)
This grandma is who we call when we run out of sugar in the middle of making cookies.
This grandma often calls to see if I have supper made yet because she has some for us.
This grandma sometimes tells us the same stories lots of times just to make sure we get it :)
This grandma is where Emma wants to go instead of turning on our road and going home.
This grandma walks down to see us regularly.
This grandma is so very special to us...

It's a good-made-even-better day when she walks down just to see how we're doing and spend some time with Emma for a while.

This grandma is, in Emma's words, "Mamaw Ninsey!"


  1. Aww this is so super special! This creates a sadness that we don't live closer to our special grandparents and a longing to be with them. God knew exactly what he was doing when he created grandmas!

  2. you are blessed indeed! I remember thinking when S. was born that she would be 5 when Grandma J. is 90. I hoped then that she would make it at least til then...only 1 more year to go =) An amazing generation of wonderful women!