These are the days...

Has it really been so long since I posted? It is boggling to me how time flies by so quickly!
I want to soak up these days...

with my girl in the sunshine, watching her play with her beloved Bodie and get as dirty as possible

boating in the delta breeze

byo baby in the rocking chair first thing in the morning instead of up, off, and running

spending quality time with family for no reason at all

lingering at girlfriend's houses way too late but not caring because it's so worth it

watching the house we plan to raise our family and grow old in being built out the back door

spontaneous Sunday drives searching for wildflowers in the hills

enjoying my husband's BBQ dinners on the patio and staying outside way past Emma's bedtime...

These are the days.

Oh thank you Father God for these blessings I am so very undeserving of...


  1. Oh, we have to come see them puppies!!! and the house is PROGRESSING!!

  2. Oh I love all of these pictures...Miss Emma I just want to squeeze you (: ..House is looking good .. YaY! ..seen lots of cali people today ..missing you xx,beb