Round and Around

I'm getting ready to start blogging about our party-filled October, but before that I thought it appropriate to document one of my girls' favorite activities lately ~~~ spinning in circles on the floor.
Ha! They must be watching their mama run in circles so much lately that they want to do it too!

And Emma's favorite medley... "Jesus Loves Me" followed by "Happy Birthday" to whoever has had a birthday in that month.
 Normally it's followed by "Away in A Manger" but I'm not sure why she skipped it this time.
Clinton and I were just saying a while back how last year at Christmastime we joked that she'd be singing it 'til March. Then March came and we said maybe June.
 Now we are kind of impressed she sang it the whole year, and it's almost Christmas again!

Well I better get going on the rest of October... will be lots of pictures :)

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