Leila's 1st Birthday Party 10/8/12

My Leila turning one... just one more proof that I have to treasure every good moment, remember that time flies in the not-so-good moments, and just flat not wish any moment with my children away to a so-called "easier" age.
I really could not measure or count how much joy and how many smiles Leila Frances has brought to our family. We are truly blessed.

they are so dear to my heart...

Pumpkin cakes for my punkin

the reasons my girls are sweet, beautiful, talkative, smart, and a little ornery! ;) not necessarily in that order...

We love you so much, Leila Frances!

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  1. leila is absolutely ADORABLE! and i must say that seeing that many happy, lovely grammie's is soooo beautiful! what a blessing! happy day leila!