Mom's Red Hat 60th Party

My wonderful mother-in-law turned 60 this year... so of course, now that she has 3 daughters, she got a surprise party! Gina is always game for a party of any kind, so she hosted the red hat themed party at her house. 
Mom and her friends are such a fun-loving group! Combine that with a chance to dress up in hats, feathers, and heels and sit around a table surrounded by lifelong friends while enjoying lunch? 
What a grand time!
I overheard Gina promise some of the ladies that she wouldn't post any pictures of them to facebook, and she honored her promise :). I made no such promises, and this isn't facebook, and these are just too cute to keep to myself! Hopefully none of them will scold me...

all dressed up with somewhere to go!

loooooove them

Turning 60 means you get cake and cupcakes!

lovely ladies with lovely hearts...

Mom and all her daughters (at last!)

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  1. OH my word. HOW fun! :) Loved the cake and cupcakes...too cute!