We're getting really excited

to bring our baby home!

Only 6 weeks to go... this pregnancy has gone unbelievably fast, and I realized we better start preparing lest our wee one has to come home and sleep in a cardboard box! My mom came over one evening while Clinton was spraying late and we hauled up the tiny baby things from the cellar and sorted through them. So fun and hard to believe Emma was ever that small! Of course our pink pile was waaaay larger than the little blue pile - can't wait to see which one we'll be using!!!

Emma had a grand time trying on the baby clothes, and in true girl fashion exclaimed "aawww cute, Mommy! So tiny!" and then proceeded to claim the yet un-used boy blankies to add to her ever growing "mikey" collection. She's been sleeping with it ever since, reminding me "I need my baby mikey mom!" if I try to ease it away. Cringing a bit to think of all the adjustments coming to her little world but knowing it will be so good for her.
The next few months look huge to me, I have to continue to take one day at a time so I don't hyperventilate! It's a moment by moment process of faith for me - guess that's what happens when we pray for God to strengthen our faith. Then we actually have to practice it instead of just having our faith magically be tuned, honed, and perfect. Praise Him that it is a lifelong process!


  1. We learn SO much about our faith as we clinging tightly to HIM during these trying times. With all my heart, as I witness Christ working in your hearts, I believe you can do ALL this and be victorious. Even a "cardbox" in a tent, wouldn't be the end of the world with JESUS!

  2. Oh Kelley! So excited to hear..... :)

  3. The pics of Emma are so sweet! What a good helper you have! Praying everything comes together beautifully!