Emma's "Bee-Day Party"

Goodness! hard to believe it's been almost a month since Emma's birthday party! She saw a bee birthday party in a magazine many months ago and decided then and there she had to have one herself - so all summer she talked about Emma's bee party and Uncle Del and Taylor coming to her bee party... all other details besides those didn't matter to her :) As long as it was a bee party and Uncle Del and Taylor were there she was a happy girl! What a fun evening we had celebrating with our family...
cutest little bee cake made by Aunt Kristi

fun festive girl cousins

loads of fun for Emma!


So blessed by these godly great-grandmas - we love them!!!

tried the ruffled streamers (thanks for the idea Sharon!)

very serious to blow out the candles

party hats!

can't take time for pictures when there's cake around!

learning to properly hammer on her special gift from her special Taylor :)

Thanks for joining the party Caroline (Tuuurline)!

Emma's birthday 7/28, Aunt Kristi's birthday 7/29,
Papa's birthday 7/30 means they get special birthday hats!

*~* The beat up birthday girl *~*


  1. Un-bee-lievably cute :) She looks like a big girl now.

  2. What? No picture of UncDel,Tay & Emma? :D

    Love the 'Bee' i'bee'a. Going to have to use that for Leah next June! Maybe we can invite UncDel, Tay & Emma! Considering inviting Aunt Cheryl & Audrey too!! ;D

  3. Such a cute party Kelly! Love the ruffled streamers and her darling cake...happy birthday to Emma!

  4. Oh, wait till Gradle-dee see's these! He's napping now, but I'll have to pull your blog back up later when he's awake! Your such a super-fun mom!:)