Camping 2011

At the beginning of August we escaped the heat of the valley for a week and headed to the coast for a camping trip. My mom and Aunt Coreen are professional, every-year Memorial Park campers - and they were gracious to invite us all over to invade their relaxation! And to make it even better my mother-in-law offered to let me use her swanky new, almost-as-big-as-our-house trailer. I was set!
We had a wonderfully cool time, complete with a bit of rain, lots of junk food, and family memories...
dinner the first night - before we get toooo grungy

early morning breakfast before sending the daddies home

Mmmmm can't beat Marianne's ice cream!

a critter in our camp stealing our cookies!

Aunt Marsha's first s'more ever

sweet cousins

even got daddy to sit on the beach with us!

love the sparkle in those eyes even when it is a very ornery sparkle ;)

pinch pinch pinch

going back next year a family of 4!

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  1. Awww, thanks for sharing! Wish we could have come, someday I tell you someday Lord willing we will partake in family camping! Love to you all!