Pray for Emma

I am asking for prayers for Emma today as she goes into surgery.
She woke up on Wednesday from her nap with a large bump on the side of her neck. It was too late to get her in to the doctor so we decided to wait and see how it was the next morning. It seemed larger so I made her an appointment for the afternoon on Thursday. I thought surely I would go and they would say it was no big deal - give her some motrin and send us home. Dr. Daley and Dr. Dutter were concerned and sent us to the E.R. for scans and tests. We met Caleb there at 6:30 and got in right away. They wanted to do a cat scan to figure out what it was. They sedated her to put the i.v. in. It took about 45 minutes for them to find a vein that would not blow :( during which her sedation wore off and it was very heartbreaking as they tried to get a vein. Finally the called a NICU nurse and she got one on the first try. Memorial doctors and nurses were so wonderful! The cat scan showed a very large abcess in her neck so they transported her to a hospital in Sacramento that has a specialized children's unit. They said the abcess is pressing against veins and if it gets larger it will press against her airway. We got here around midnight. We talked to the doctor here and she is scheduled for sugery sometime today to get rid of the abcess. Between midnight and 2:30 she had more examination a new i.v. started (tragic again) and then she slept. She is doing well - tells the nurses and doctors "bye-bye" because she wants them to go away. She wants in her "buckles" to go "bye-bye YES mommy!" She likes the pretty lights out the hospital window :) Those who have heard her this Christmas season know what that sounds like! We just learned she is scheduled for 10:00 this a.m. to go in and drain the abcess. Pray that all goes well and we can take our girl home soon. If only we could trade her places we would.... Praising our Creator for answered prayers so far and trusting Him for today.
 ~Clinton and Kelley


  1. lifting you all up in prayer..

    GOD STILL IS IN COMPLETE CONTROL. and he knows exactly how you feel.. He watched His Child suffer for us.

    We love you dear, dear friends.
    T. B. A. O. T

  2. so neat.. the word I had to type in for last comment was BLESS...may you bless those doctors and nurses today with the LOVE OF CHRIST

  3. Praying for all your family!!!!So sorry for what you are going thru!! God does heal and do amazing things!! Aren't we blessed to have so much medical technology. These are life changing experiences,praying everyone you come in contact w/ sees the reality of Christ in you.
    we will continue to pray, keep us posted!

  4. Oh Kelly! I am so sorry you have had to go through all this. So appreciate you sharing on your blog. So thankful Emma is doing well. God bless your little family! Love and prayers!

  5. oh my goodness Kelley..this brought tears to my eyes..I am so sorry you are going through this...thinking and praying for you, clinton and Emma..I LOVE YOU!!!!

    kisses to Emma...XOXOXOX