The November Blur

Wow! October/November was pretty much a blur for our family. Our month was filled to the brim with both things we had planned, and then lots of unplanned events also. We had funerals, weddings, parties, (few) wonderful days at home, evenings out... the list goes on! We said hello to old friends and new family, said congrats, good-bye, good luck to dear family, and see you in heaven to dear grandparents we love. Life moves on. I've been trying to write down our busyness, and I really can't explain it all. (It would take another whole month!) Contrary to the rest of the world - we're excited for this month so we can slow down... just soak in the warmth of Christmas, the joy of the gift of Jesus, and the love and comfort of family.
Sooo ~ here's a few pictures to show our past month...

We accepted that this world was not Grandma Glenna's
home and watched as her family lovingly let her go

We said good-bye to Grandpa Bowman as we
praised God for the joy that awaited him


and resolved to soak in our sweet Grandmas who
we are so blessed by

We birthday partied!

and bride partied

We started exciting plans

We stayed home and played silly games
and celebrated Uncle Clark and Aunt Elaine's wedding!

Baked and had fun with family on Thanksgiving
as we praised our Creator
for all these good and perfect gifts from His hand

          And as we begin a new month with anticipation of this Christmas season,
          we rejoice in the knowledge that although we don't know what the future
          holds, we KNOW that our Father God has a plan to bless His children.
                                      Praise Him for His unspeakable gift!


  1. Beautiful post, Kelley!

  2. Bless you my dear friend! Praying this Christmas season brings the peace & calm after the "storms"! ;)

  3. Hi! I think you are the Kelley who asked about my pendant light in my living room?!! I got that from McMaster and Storm several years ago when they carried some cute lights durring their fall sale. I don't know if Kara could still get some or not. They were not expensive if I recall correctly! Ask her if she can still sorce those!
    Merry Christmas!
    Jill Flory

  4. aawwwwwe, kelly! you got the most beautiful heart and words to express it! love your blog and you! blessings to yours!