Oregon Adventure

A few weeks ago, we made the trek up to Oregon for our church conference. Amid much excitement from our girls, we hooked up to Grandpa and Grandma's trailer and pulled out on Thursday afternoon! Made it a whopping 3 miles before the "Are we there yet? How much longer?" started - then they settled into the "road daze." We planned to make it to Mt. Shasta early evening, and enjoy some time exploring a bit... but that was before Bob the truck (yes, by the end of the trip everyone's vehicles had been named) decided to throw a few kinks into our day. Soooo instead we made it to Shasta a tad later than first thought! Regardless of truck hiccups, we had a wonderful time as a family. Oregon was incredibly beautiful and welcoming. We wanted to stay longer! Our conference was encouraging, convicting, and a blessing all around!
On the way home, we had a HUGE day of driving to get to the Northern CA coast to dive for abalone for a very special dinner we hosted over the weekend. We arrived home weary but thankful for the time God gave us!

ready to go!
truck trouble again... good thing these Bowman boys don't get too ruffled!
what's a road trip without a flat tire as well?
running off LOTS of energy at the campground
old friends... new friends...thank you Jesus!
I will just sit on your lap whether you wanted me there or not, Drew!
they allllways find each other!
heehee Illsa was not feeling so photo friendly!
oh my these two clowns!
pulled off to get abalone on the way home after a looooong day in the truck

scouring for sea glass
ready to dive in!

must my husband always be the farthest one out? they waited for this all day!
such troopers... made sure their babies were snuggled!

beautiful coast... homeward bound!

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