Summer, family, dirt, good times...

I really am probably the most sporadic blogger there is, simply because we are busy living life and don't have time to document it!
 But I did get tired of seeing snow pictures when I checked it out, so here we are with the present... 
I have been doing horrible at taking pictures lately, perhaps because cameras and mud don't mix well, and that seems to be our normal summer companion! I must do better, though, because THESE are the days I never want to forget... I love and cherish these days (well, most parts anyways.) 
And I am determined to soak up these days with all the chatter, squeals, laughs, sunshine, singing, and yes the dirt and the tears too!
So this is what fills our days - how very VERY good God is.
Precious faith of a child story. She and her daddy planted tiny poppy seeds last fall. Seeds would come up, birds would immediately pluck them up and eat them. She and her daddy made mini "greenhouses" for the last 2 sprouts with plastic cups. She checked them every morning, picked them up when the winter wind and rain knocked them over, and told nearly everyone who came over about her poppyflowers and how they were going to be sooo beautiful... Her prayers evolved from "God please help my poppyflowers grow" to "God thank you that my poppyflowers ARE growing" to "God please help my poppyflowers to bloom" to "God THANK YOU that my poppyflowers grew BIG and bloomed!" Emma's poppies that she prayed faithfully for all.winter.long. grew a foot taller than her and bloomed profuse HUGE poppy flowers! A beautiful lesson for her of sowing, tending, and reaping above and beyond what she had confidently prayed for. Isn't that just the way God is...

Leila wearing the outfit Emma was wearing the day we brought Leila home from the hospital. This weirds me out.

she loves all things school. Practicing her letters, shapes, and cutting all the time.

say cheese Bodie!

our new girl, Flower in the flowers. Such a sweetie!

Mother's Day fun at the park (haha paparazzi Lydia!)

seems like Rocklin should be Emma's age, but she's all grown up!

this is why I can never get a good picture of Emma, she's never still!

not sure how he does it, but whatever Uncle Caleb says... that's the way it IS in her mind!

my mom <3 . Amazing, strong, beautiful!

Thank you sweet Jesus for the privilege of being their mom... oh give me grace to show them Your heart and Your ways...
we love her.

morning Leila

evening Leila
night Leila

this little pink wheelbarrow is tougher than it looks! It has got some serious use these past months.

my silly silly Stash. He makes me laugh every day. wonder what he's thinking...

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