Pat&Kristi's Baby Gender Reveal Party!

While I'm an old-fashioned girl when it comes to finding out the baby's gender before he/she is born, I must say this was a super-dee-duper fun surprise way to reveal.
 My sister went all out for the reveal of their baby, complete with boy vs. girl voting, pink cake and blue cake, pink and blue ice cream, pink candy and blue candy, pink and blue decorations, and THE BOX. 

THE BOX that held pink or blue balloons... just begging to be set free!
While the plan was to eat first and open the box later, that plan quickly got rearranged ;) by the begging  quiet suggestion of a certain very excited auntie. 
So out we all went to the yard... and the pictures can tell the rest!

so fun to not only see for ourselves what color would come out,
but also to see their reaction to what color came out!

God never ceases to amaze me!

---Kristi thought some of these pictures were just so silly of her, but I think they are beautiful... 
pure and overflowing joy is always beautiful.


Emma's 3! ***Hot Air Balloon Party***

They say time flies when you're having fun... and it MUST be true, because the past 3 years with this girl have flown faster than any other! And they have been full of high-speed, non-stop (almost), noisy FUN! There is never a dull moment with my first born girl... and rarely a quiet one, either.
Never before have I been asked so many questions that I just don't know the answer to. I wish I could remember them all.
The latest one is "When we go to Jesus in the clouds, will He come in His car?" "Why doesn't Jesus just come get us in His car Mom? and then it could go WAY up up up way in the sky?"
 I just don't have an answer. But I think it's OK as a parent to say that we just don't know.
Emma is full of questions and random observations. I wouldn't change her if I could... I know God spent time creating her just the way she is, and He is not done yet.
I pray that He will give us wisdom to teach her in His ways... that she will grow to love Him, serve Him, and follow Him wherever He takes her.

balloons floating...

tad bit excited for her party to start!

super fun and easy project!

God is so good ~ love our girls!

another fun cake by Aunt Kristi :)

Emma and her favorite people! Her cousins are TOPS in her world.

fun party guests!

dear dear Great Grandmas <3... I think she has both of their spunk!


Aimee's Baby Shower

This summer, well, and last summer also, has been the summer of babies! Some very dear friends of mine have/will experience the joy of becoming a mother for the first time... and it has been such fun to anticipate these sweet bebe's arrivals! Last month we celebrated Robert and Aimee's little one by showering them with lots of tiny things - and some space-eating baby gear too :) So hurry up baby - you're the last one this summer! all ready now...

They're amazing. All of them. God is so faithful.

dug through the  hall storage to find these beauties!

happy helpers <3

dyed doily garland makes for fun and cheap window decor!
Rumble Gma and aunts :) sure there's excited cousins ready to take good care
of the tiniest Rumble :)


dear treasured friends...

ready to open!

Very Special Tea Party

A much-anticipated event for little Bowman girls... Aunt Lou's annual tea party! 
She pulls out all the stops to make it extra special; complete with a theme, finely set and decorated table, tea dainties, pretty cookies, and pink punch(Emma's favorite). 
This year's theme was ~ purses ~, so the girls brought their favorite purses filled with their favorite things.