Aimee's Baby Shower

This summer, well, and last summer also, has been the summer of babies! Some very dear friends of mine have/will experience the joy of becoming a mother for the first time... and it has been such fun to anticipate these sweet bebe's arrivals! Last month we celebrated Robert and Aimee's little one by showering them with lots of tiny things - and some space-eating baby gear too :) So hurry up baby - you're the last one this summer! all ready now...

They're amazing. All of them. God is so faithful.

dug through the  hall storage to find these beauties!

happy helpers <3

dyed doily garland makes for fun and cheap window decor!
Rumble Gma and aunts :) sure there's excited cousins ready to take good care
of the tiniest Rumble :)


dear treasured friends...

ready to open!


  1. Thanks for the peek - I so wished I could have been there!

  2. How pretty! I've been thinking of her a lot recently. So fun to see these pictures! Thanks for sharing!