Little Bird

Spring is in full swing around here and with it returns lots of sweet (and some not so sweet) birds. I must have enough of my Grandma Brubaker in me, because I love to feed them and see how many different ones we can attract and keep around. :) There is something so relaxing about hearing the owls hoot at night, the happy chirps in the morning, and the doves coo in the afternoon and evening... I know, I'm old-fashioned! The simple joys of life...
Anyways, the amount of birds that SMACK into our windows is a bit alarming. And the funny thing is my windows are far from clean and clear! Yesterday Emma and I were upstairs and hear that "thunk!" Emma ran over to our bedroom window and was quite shocked to see this little bird just a few inches away on our roof.

Of course she wanted to "dit it!"  while I was trying to figure out how I was going to explain the cute little yellow polka dot bird dying right in front of our eyes.
So we had a little lesson about how we have to be veeery careful and watch where we are going and slow down so we don't run into things.
Emma caught on right away. "Yeah kinda like when I run very fast and I run into the wall betause I'm not being tareful, Mom."
"Mmm hmmm"
"Mommy! Wehaftatakethatbirdtothedoctor!Whenwetakethebirdtothedoctorandthevethewillmakeitfeelallbetter.wewilltakeittothedoctorandhewillgiveitabandaidanditwillbeallbetter!OoootaaAAAAY?Ithinkthatbirdwantsitsmommytomakeitfeelbetter.Whereisitsmommy,Mommy?MommyweneedtogetontheroofandDITthatltitlebird.Whycan'tweditthatlittlebird?Mommywhydidthatbirdnotbetareful?Whydidthatbirdnotwatchwhereitwasgoing?Whyisitrestingontheroof?willitflyaway?MommyItinkJesuswillmakeitstummyfeelallbetter.anditsleg.anditshead.Mommy!Thatbirdneedsabandaid!Mommywhydidthatbirdhitthewaindow?Hhuuuuuh?WhyMommyhuhhhhh?"

I'm tired.

So in the end, we prayed right there by the window (What else is there to do in situations such as ^ those kind of conversations?) that Jesus would help the bird to feel better and be able to find it's mommy.

And it satisfied my girl.

Oh how I wish my heart was more child-like; so easily calmed when I have questions! I see myself so often in her- firing questions at God without taking a breath to rest. Wanting to know WHY? HOW? WHEN? But..but...but... FIX IT GOD!

And then...

~~~after a while, the little bird lifted its head, looked around, and flitted away ~~~

Her eyes got wide, her mouth popped open. "Mommy!!! The bird flew away! It's feeling better now! Jesus made it ALL better! Squeeeel!"

Just a little everyday occurence, but God used it to teach me so many lessons. Lessons about keeping my eyes on Jesus, lessons about the faith of a child and the undoubted trust that Jesus will, and did,make it better, lessons about times where God knocks us flat, so we rest, simply rest, until HE tells us to fly again.
The Father cares for the sparrrows, how much more He does care for us!


  1. Amen! So sweet! Way to teach her about going to Jesus with everything, big and little!!! What a great mom, keep it up!! :)

  2. so, so true! and what a wonder that it up and flew away?! :) it's amazing how seeing God answer prayers about the little things builds faith for the larger challenges in life. Seeing that bird fly was probably a HUGE faith builder for her! God bless you as you raise your girls for Him!

  3. Love this! And I love the referance to Aunt Margaret's birds, that was always one of my favorite memories about them, their bird room... And the one named Pepper on the table! Also the smell of Uncle Hube's pipe. Funny what you remember as a child! ;)