Easter Photos 2012

So every year I like to attempt getting a nice Easter photo of Emma (and now Leila too :)) all nice and sweet in pretty Easter dresses. Emma's first Easter picture is one of my favorites of her to date... 

awwww how did she get SO big SO FAST?

So here is Leila Frances on her first Easter. How well I know that the next two years will fly by!

and our many tries at getting pictures of our two girls...

She spends so much time finding the perfect "flowers"



"Emma put your chin down OK?"

"Like THIS?"

aaand our photo session is done. :D

 What hope there is by the forgiveness He offers through His death on the cross and the power of His triumph over death... Praise God we serve a RISEN SAVIOUR!

in awe of God's goodness...


  1. Aww, your girls are so adorable!! Beautiful pictures!! Love the ones with Emma's chin, I can so relate with that!!

  2. Photos to treasure! I realized late Easter Evening that I had forgotten to take our yearly photos :(

  3. I absolutely loved this post and your lovely Easter pictures! I was so bummed when I realize we had also forgotten to catch a moment to snap a couple pictures of ours also. I'm just cracking up at how well you captured Emma with "chin up and chin down". :)

  4. Beautiful Kelley! Bring those girls over & come play!

  5. Your girls are just so adorable! And yes, they grow up WAY too fast! My baby will be 7 in less than six months. Amazing how fast those baby days went!