Little Friend in the Oven Door

This past week I have been getting such a kick out of Leila.

I know she is mine - so I'm obviously partial, but she really is such a DELIGHTFUL child <3
She brings us such joy, and spreads smiles wherever she goes.
She recently discovered her reflection in the oven door, so now she regularly crawls over, pulls up, and proceeds to have a little chat with herself.

It sounds a bit like this...

"OH! ooooOOhh! eeeEEEEEEeee! ib? A!A!A! ewwwwWAA! ith. eeebja. WwwwwU! Booosh? Bith? Yeeeeee! Hahahaha!"

Then she smiles, laughs, and gives her reflection a big lick to show her affection.

I love this girl so much it squeezes my heart.

1 comment:

  1. She is darling, Kelly! Beautiful, baby girl....I can see why you are "partial". =)