Who Knew?

that I could be a little crafty/creative!? I had a big, blank space on a wall in my kitchen that I had no idea what to do with. I am not attracted to many wall pictures (except ones that are always out of my budget!) so that was out... what to do?
Pinterest to the rescue!
I saw this idea and it looked easy enough, so I found this old mirror frame on Craigslist

and gave it a coat of leftover paint. I then went to Lowe's and found a big, thin board that I primed with magnetic primer and chalkboard paint, and ta-da! I now have no more big, blank space, but a place to jot down verses,sayings, etc. that are on my mind.

It was a fun project! :)


  1. Like! Like! Like! What's not to love about Pintrest?! :)

  2. That is a very cute DIY project. Well done!! I really like that a lot:)

  3. Love it! It really does fill up the wall nicely!

  4. VERY IMPRESSED!!! Cannot wait to see your home some day! You'll be top-o-my-visit list when I come south!