So close...

to being done! This is the "frustratingly close" part, so I've been told by everyone else who has built or remodeled their home :) I have to agree, and add excitingly, frustratingly close! These finishing touches are the fun part for me. Right now we are waiting on the painters to come do the trim and cabinets. Until then there isn't too much that can be done. Hopefully within a month we can be in - just in time to settle in for the winter and enjoy some much-needed family time. I can't wait!


  1. oh that does look like a fun stage! And frustrating i'm sure but oh how fun to be that close! I love that blue color on the walls:)
    And then the REALLY fun part - the decor. Oh how I would love to dec out a whole new house:)

  2. I heartily agree! It becomes "frustrating" because you are so "excited!". It looks SOOO good kelley! I cannot wait to some kick my feetup in front of that gorgeous fireplace and drink a cup of hot tea and chat with you all afternoon!

  3. Oh Jill! That is the part that looks so hard to me... just not my area of expertise :) I'd love suggestions!
    Mel I can't WAIT for you to come kick your feet up at my house :) aaalllll afternoon - we have lots of catching up to do :)