It's beginning to look like...

a house!

Yayyyyy!  Still crossing our fingers that it will be done before baby comes in October. OK so I'm still crossing my fingers - everyone else thinks it can't be done. Except Uncle Del, and he's the boss, so I'm just going with what he says :)  and if it doesn't happen I will probably cry sad, hot and miserable 9 months pregnant tears. No big deal and no pressure for him. Ha!
Electric and plumbing coming the end of the week. So far this building process is still a lot of fun; hoping it will stay that way! We have been so blessed by dear friends and family that so willingly come to help with whatever they can.

Caleb and Jake

Uncle Roger, Garrett, Dad, Alex, Andrew, and Chester too

Stephen and Landon


lunchtime with Grandma Kinzie

Bodie and Stash keeping watch

and Sylvia too

These are special memories for us and we can't wait to open the front door when we're finally finished to welcome these friends and family who have so graciously given time and muscles...

~~~ Praising God from Whom all these blessings flow ~~~


  1. Oh, Kelley! So exciting! I will say a little prayer that all is in order by Oct. too. (I'm going bonkers over a single bathroom) It's looking really good. Take care!

  2. WOOHOO! It already looks beautiful! I love the plywood lunch tables! ;)