Punkins in the Pumpkins (part two)

Train ride! Zachary and Rosanna are back there too... the boys loved this :)

dear kid-free friends who are such good sports- watching the tinybabies so their mamas can take their big brothers on the train and in the petting zoo...

"Moommeee! Pump-uh-ki! Pump-uh-ki!"
This day was a farmgirl's idea of GREAT fun - notice the fists clenched in excitement :)

Punkins in the Pumpkins (part one)

Nothing like a trip to the pumpkin patch to welcome in fall! (except it was 93 degrees)
A bunch of us girls decided it would be fun to take the kiddos to the pumpkin patch for some good ole' fun... and fun we had! There was hundreds of pumpkins, train rides, and a wonderfully interactive petting zoo :)
We all had a grand time!

every picture we have, someone was in mid-jump

trying to byo byo on the pumpkins! LOL!
awww so sweet - Grady is one of the few she will allow to do this!
Grady and Emma cornering the chickens so they could grab them!
Like mother like daughter - love the goats! We're begging daddy ;)

This goat followed Emma around - she kept swatting at it to quit munching on her.



little Cinderella loves to clean...

                                and gather food...


and cook...


she makes me smile

because she does things like this...

and this...

then gives me a giggle and smile like this...